Meeting #3: Community Visioning Workshop

October 27, 2016

This presentation was given at the Community Visioning Workshop. The presentation includes an overview of the project, the results of the live audience polling exercise and details on how the map exercise was conducted. 


Meeting #2: SWOT Analysis Charrette

October 6, 2016

This presentation was given at a Joint Citizen Advisory and Technical Advisory Committee Meeting discussing guiding principles for the project, and the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Constraints) Analysis. 


Meeting # 1: Current Conditions Charrette

September 22, 2016

This presentation was given at a Technical Advisory Committee meeting discussing the following:

  • existing plans related to the Halsey Corridor
  • physical conditions, land uses, and constraints
  • market conditions and constraints
  • mobility barriers
  • identifying gaps in current conditions analysis